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Period Pain is NOT Normal!!


Do you have girls suffering from period pain?

If there is one statement that I would like to educate the masses to, it would be that PERIOD PAIN IS NOT NORMAL!!

Girls and women are taught from early on, that symptoms related to their menstrual cycles are to be accepted and suffered through.


Mistakenly, there is the perception that girls should just tough it out, it may pass as you get older, I’ve even heard this advice being given by some GP’s.

NEVER let anyone, including a Health Professional, tell you that period pain is NORMAL.

Here’s the real deal…Your daughter should not have to miss school due to period pain or associated symptoms.

Your daughter should not have to be curled up in a ball in pain once a month

Your daughter SHOULD NEVER be fainting due to excessive blood loss.

Never just take a wait and see attitude,

Excruciating pain, excessive blood loss, wild fluctuations in mood and all the other terrible associated symptoms could affect your daughter’s future fertility and early intervention is the key to the management of the condition.

Teenagers are NOT too young to suffer from gynaecological conditions including endometriosis and adenomyosis.

I can not underestimate the importance of EARLY INTERVENTION to prevent the irreversible internal damage caused by months and months, years and years of inflammation due to gynaecological conditions.

As a naturopath with specialist training in Reproductive Medicine, and Women’s Health Medicine, I would like to say, if you consult a health professional who dismisses your concerns, please get a second, third or tenth opinion. I work with top gynaecologists, laparoscopic surgeons and reproductive medicine specialists.

STAY TUNED for an upcoming workshop on methods to TAME your PERIOD PAIN!

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