Fertility Services

  • Are you struggling to fall pregnant?
  • Have you had multiple failed cycles of IVF, or Assisted Reproductive Therapies?
  • Do you want to know ways to assist your chances of pregnancy?
  • Are you struggling to fall pregnant a second time around?
  • Do you feel like a number at your fertility clinic?
  • Do you feel like your fertility specialist, GP, or gynaecologist isn’t listening to you?
  • Could you have had things missed in your fertility investigations?
  • Are you getting to a point where your fertility journey is getting you down?
  • Do you just want some answers to why you aren’t conceiving?
  • Have both you and your partner been evaluated properly?
  • Do you just think that there could be more to your issues that haven’t been looked at?

The Concept Shen Fertility Program has helped assist over 12,500 babies into the world and  has had independent research done to show how the program may help assist in increasing your fertility success rates (based on independent research)

Rochelle Waite has seen couples, single women, same sex couples and anyone requiring fertility help, emotionally exhausted, desperate and at breaking point. The problem for many is that many medical practitioners are not sufficiently trained to support these clients in both  medical and holistic modalities. 

Worse still some of the people are already at a point of giving up, believing they have done everything possible, when in fact they may not have. It is upsetting to hear such stories and motivates Rochelle to be so passionate about helping  couples, single women and same sex couples, enabling them to get the best information and help assist them to be properly diagnosed or investigated.

Fertility treatments aren’t just about multimodality treatments and medicines. It is so much more than this. Couples are then assessed on all levels, both physically and emotionally and a comprehensive report is written up with all the changes and investigations that may be needed for the couple. These recommendations are then constantly checked and followed up to ensure couples get all the investigations done and that all the requested changes are made. 

The program encompasses dietary changes, addressing nutritional deficiencies, assisting with reducing stress, assisting with managing emotions, assisting with enhancing immunity and assisting with improving sperm and egg quality. This program is heavily supplement based, and is for the dedicated clients only!

The fertility program also assists with recurrent miscarriage and known causes of infertility including Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome,  and any other health issues that may be causing fertility issues. Everything that needs to be done is done and thoroughly looked over. The fertility program assists you with whatever is needed and this may require referral to other healthcare professionals.

The fertility program is also designed to support and assist both natural conception and assist those couples using Assisted Reproduction Technologies such as IVF and IUI. We follow specific protocols when supporting and assisting with IVF an IUI cycles, depending on your IVF clinic.

Rochelle wants every couple, or person seeking fertility treatment, to be able to have a baby and we make sure you have everything done possible to ensure you have the best chance of conception.

Rochelle Waite qualifications include a “Master of Science in Immunology” from Monash University and a “Master of Reproductive Medicine” and a “Master of Women’s Health Medicine” through the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New South Wales. She uses  a multi-modality approach to treatment collaborates with medical specialists, gynaecologists, immunologists and excision specialists throughout Australia.

For further information please call Rochelle Waite on 0481 751 610, or email us at hello@rochellewaitenaturopath.com