Metabolic Balance®

The ultimate program for weight loss and to restore your health

A Personalised Nutrition Plan to Optimise Your Health

Metabolic Balance® is an individualised food plan for weight loss, hormone balancing and long term health

There is no one size fits all when it comes to health and this is why personalised nutrition is essential for optimum results. We use your blood test results to find the right foods for you.

It is completely food-based which means no fads, no shakes and once completed you are left educated and empowered about your future food choices. This means, it’s sustainable long term and you are less likely to put the weight back on unlike most “diets”.

Why Metabolic Balance®?

As a Naturopath, I dislike the word ‘diet’ and all of the negative emotional and physical associations that go with the word. Then I discovered Metabolic Balance®!

I love that Metabolic Balance® is a food only, fully supported nutritional plan that optimises your health based on your specific biochemistry and takes into consideration any health conditions you may have. This allows sustainable, long-term positive health outcomes to take place.

Metabolic Balance® is designed to normalise hormone and insulin levels and has been beneficial for conditions such as autoimmune conditions, thyroid imbalances, asthma, skin conditions, PCOS, Endometriosis, diabetes, and menopause management and many other chronic, debilitating conditions.

You are truly supported throughout the program. A minimum of 7 consultations are involved and its this kind of support that enables long-lasting success.

If you are looking to drop a few kg for summer then this program may not be for you. Metabolic Balance® is not a quick fix, fad diet or a band-aid solution, there is planning and food preparation involved. You will need to be open to change and trying new foods and flavours where you will learn how to eat for your own body giving you long-lasting results.

Imagine a healthier you, both physically and mentally and how your life would look if you had this.

The Metabolic Balance® Program

How does it work?

Step 1

Initial Consultation

To asses your suitability for Metabolic Balance we start by taking a full health history, as hormones, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, digestive health, toxicity levels as well as stress all impact on your metabolism, and block it from releasing weight. During this appointment, we also take your body measurements and look at your own personal food likes and dislikes. (although we do find taste buds quickly change once on the plan!). These results help form the building blocks to creating your plan.

Step 2

Undertaking a fasting blood test

This single blood test looks at 36 different parameters. These include inflammatory markers, blood glucose levels, TSH thyroid results, cardiac makers, pancreatic and liver enzymes, iron studies, and cholesterol levels. Results from your test will help form your own dietary and nutritional requirements that will feature in your metabolic balance® plan.

Step 3

Receiving your personalised Metabolic Balance® plan

Usually within a week of having your blood tests taken, we can have your personalised nutrition plan ready for you. Your plan concentrates on the exact foods that possess the essential vital nutrients your body most needs to optimise your metabolism. A metabolic balance® plan is easy to follow and will include four phases. Also included are your meal plans and shopping lists, as well as a laminated handbag size for convenience.

Over the next 12 weeks, we have a further 6 consultations (ideally in person but online consultation can be organised if the distance is an issue) and fortnightly group coaching sessions. During these sessions, we target your specific health concerns and monitor your progress.

Metabolic Balance® Total Body Reset with Personal Coaching with

Rochelle Waite – Expert Naturopath

As individual and unique as you are …

…This is a Metabolic Balance nutrition plan. Simply because it is based on you and your personal blood values. 

New! Every plan is now available direct to your phone with our new app. Use it anytime, anywhere, shopping and when travelling. Includes tips & recipes.

What You Receive:

  • Referral for comprehensive blood tests at your local QML (no extra to pay, this is included in your program fee)
  • Your Personalised nutrition plan from Metabolic Balance®
  • 7 in-person consultations (this can be done by online consultation for preferred)
  • Initial & Subsequent Body Composition Scans at each coaching consultation, to monitor your progress & track weight release
  • Private Facebook group access and live fortnightly group coaching sessions, exclusive to my personal Metabolic Balance Clients, for additional support, recipe ideas and more!
  • Complimentary before & after photos
  • Personalised Nutritional Support During Your Program ~ we can discuss & support health concerns during your 12-week program

Click on the video below to learn more about how Metabolic Balance® works:


Metabolic Balance® is a registered weight management program with AHM and BUPA. Check your individual health cover for details.