Metabolic Balance

Your Key to Permanent Weight Loss

You are what you eat” – it’s an old saying but one that is so true!

The reasons for why we eat may, on the surface, be many e.g. we might think we’re eating just because we’re hungry, to have fun with friends, when we’re bored, because of our routine etc, etc but fundamentally it’s all about fueling our bodies so that they can work right and we can live our best lives. Basically, food feeds our body’s cells and also provides fuel for the many microorganisms that live in our bodies.

It’s therefore just so important to choose our food so that our cells and the good bacteria in our body really get what’s needed. In this way, we are more protected from ill health, disease, or bacteria causing diseases. The best way to achieve this is with a healthy, varied, and natural diet according to Metabolic Balance.

I love that Metabolic Balance® is a food only, fully supported nutritional plan that optimises your health based on your specific biochemistry and takes into consideration any health conditions you may have. This allows sustainable, long-term positive health outcomes to take place.

Metabolic Balance® is designed to normalise hormone and insulin levels and has been beneficial for conditions such as autoimmune conditions, thyroid imbalances, asthma, skin conditions, PCOS, Endometriosis, diabetes, and menopause management and many other chronic, debilitating conditions.


A bit from Rochelle…

So I’ll put it out there, I love a good medical mystery… no, not the type on TV, but real life cases.

Here’s why I think Naturopaths are good at solving medical mysteries…

Naturopaths, unlike medical doctors, are not constrained by time limits set by Medicare… it is really hard for Dr’s these days to do everything they need to…they are accountable to the Government. We can take the time to take a really thorough history and make some associations that may not have been thought of.

Often in difficult cases, you are referred to numerous specialists who each look at their own area, but do the specialists get to discuss you as a whole? Naturopathic Medicine looks are disease holistically and treats the cause of your disease rather than just as a series of symptoms.

Let me be clear, I am in favour of liaison with Dr’s and specialists, they are integral in the pathway to determining the diagnosis of your medical mystery, however, taking a holistic approach to the investigation and treatment works really well

Now to toot my own trumpet….

As well as Herbal Medicine and Naturopathic knowledge, I have training in Clinical Immunology and Pathology as well as Neurophysiology from Melbourne’s top universities. I have also completed a Masters in Reproductive Medicine and a Masters in Women’s Health Medicine from UNSW. Throughout this journey, I have formed relationships with some of Australia’s top Naturopaths, Medical GP’s and Specialists all on my team to help assist you with your medical mystery!!

If you have a case for me to solve, please feel free to call on 0481 751 610 to book an appointment.

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